Lawn Care

Maintaining the health of your lawn will keep your business and home looking it’s best year round. Regardless of the size of your property, some maintenance will be required to ensure that it stays healthy and looking the way it was designed to look.

Cypress Landscaping offers a specialized 6-step Lawn Care program which includes:

  • Spring Aeration
  • Spring Liming
  • Spring Fertilizing
  • Summer Fertilizing
  • Fall Fertilizing
  • Fall Liming
  • Organic Weed Control
  • Insect Control

The 6-step program pricing begins at $300 + HST. Services can also be priced out individually. Contact us for more information.

Due to the new HRM Pesticide Ban, the need for aerating, liming and fertilizing is crucial to maintaining a healthy, green lawn.

Contact us today to have one of our lawn care specialists design a program that is right for your lawn.